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Selling a House

Our “Optimal Launch Formula” is a smarter way to sell your house. We understand the buyer’s mindset and generate curiosity and pent up demand before buyers are even allowed to step inside. Let us do this for YOU.

Buying a Home

Optimus Realty Group Alex Escobar Buying a House in Alexandria

To serve a buyer, is to care. We consider ourselves coaches, and teachers in the process. We give you information you need and ask you key questions to empower YOU to make the best decisions for yourself.

A Team of Pros Around You

Optimus Realty Group A team of professionals supporting your real estate buy or sell in alexandria virginia

We work with an extended team of professionals that support you throughout the real estate transaction. Contractors, lenders, title attorneys, and more.

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Why We're Different

Have you ever seen a line of people outside the Apple store, waiting to be the first to get their hands on this new product. They are eager to pay top dollar for something they believe in. They are not nickel and diming with Apple about their phones. They consider themselves LUCKY to be the first to get it. Their fear is that the store will run out and they'll have to wait for theirs. This is what a strong marketing strategy does. And that's for a $700 phone. Shouldn't your HOME, worth hundreds of thousands be marketed with the same sophistication?

That's where we come in. We are not claiming to have invented these techniques. We simply decided that we're going to take the lessons from those masters at Apple, De Beers, and anywhere else we can find them, and apply the principles of demand creation like exclusivity and scarcity to your home's market release.

Here's What Some of Our Customers Have to Say

Ashley and Salva

First Time Buyers

We just bought out first home with Alex and the team, and they were wonderful about making sure we understood everything and felt comfortable each step of the way! They are so kind and approachable, so it wasn’t awkward to ask questions and we never felt rushed, even when our newborn got fussy at open houses! They weren’t pushy and there was no doubt in our minds they always acted in our best interest! Alex and the team listened to our needs and helped us consider issues and neighborhoods we never would have known about! They’re instincts and connections helped us find the perfect home, put in a savvy offer that was accepted right away, and get to closing in record breaking time with no stress! We are loving our beautiful new home – it exceeded our wish list and is absolutely perfect for us!!

Cody and Megan

First Time Buyers

We worked with Optimus last summer to buy our house in Northern Virginia. The team helped us narrow down our criteria and adjust it a bit given what we were finding in the geography we selected, and we ended up with an even nicer house than we thought possible :) They were great at helping us think through trade offs without being pushy at all about what they think the answers are – Alex was a bit like a marriage counselor in helping us negotiate! Besides being very professional and informed about neighborhoods and commute times, he’s also really fun to hang out with, making looking at all those houses more bearable. Finally, they have a good network of contacts for all the other services you’ll need and makes great recommendations, but were never pushy about us going with those recommendations. Overall, great experience!

Dena and Roberto

Selling and Buying

Now that we are settled into our new dream home, we wanted to take time out to express our gratitude. Thank you for helping us find our forever home. When we started on this adventure together, we had a really hard time believing it could happen. Selling and buying in one fell swoop. There was so much to do, so many memories in the old house, so much to clean up, let go and fix. We remember your first walk thru and how your kind words helped us put those emotions to rest and gave us a sense that maybe it was possible that we could see ourselves somewhere else. After that, there were many times we just wanted to throw in the towel and say forget it but, you helped us stay the course, steady, calmly steering us towards our goal. When we look back we are in awe of how much time you invested in our massive undertaking: from remodeling woes, to the endless decluttering, staging, well researched and sound advice to set the price, multiple open houses, searching for a new home, and inspections. You did it all with ease, elegance and this amazingly level headed demeanor. We so appreciated that you were always positive even in the middle of a crisis, when things were not going our way. Your determination and that positivity kept us focused on the prize. We truly could not have done it without you. Nobody should!

Casey S.

Selling and Buying

Alex was instrumental in selling a piece of property for me, and then helping me find the perfect home. His positive attitude, attention to detail, and authenticity, made for a stress free experience. He treats you like family, and was a joy to work with!