Rates are Super Low. What Now?

When the Time Is Right, Take Action! The interest rates that lenders charge can make a big difference in your buying power and it’s very volatile and completely out of your control. This past week, rates have plummeted to near 3-year lows. It seems that it’s a response to the Corona virus. In fact, lenders […]

How to Shop for a Mortgage

Shopping for a Mortgage Alex Escobar Optimus Realty Group Alexandria Northern Virginia Real Estate

Shopping for a mortgage is highly recommended, but people usually don’t know how to start and how to compare one lender from another. It makes a difference in more ways than you’d expect. So let’s get started finding you a loan! The Mortgage you’re Shopping for is a Service, Not Just a Product First, yes […]

What is A House Worth?

Alex Escobar Realtor Whats a House Worth

When representing a buyer or a seller and helping them to negotiate and decide what a house is worth, I always start with the clients (people first), then the house, then the market.  See my posts on how I help sellers and buyers for more on this.  For this post, we’ll focus on the part […]

Real Estate Agent, Not a Salesman

Alex Escobar Agent not Salesman

Having a real estate agent is way better than having a salesman.  I’m an agent, not a salesman.     When I went through the home purchasing process, I was lucky enough to have a great agent.  I learned a lot about the process and became very well informed about the market.  Some months afterwards, […]

Buying a House with Us

Alex Escobar Alexandria Realtor Optimus Realty Group

Here’s a rough outline of what it’s like to buy a house with us, the Optimus Realty Group, as your agents. I love working with buyers because it such a rewarding experience. At the end, my clients have found a place where the most important events in their life may take place. I separate the […]

Selling a House with Us

Selling a house is a stressful undertaking, but if you work with us, we’ll make it as smooth as possible.  In a recent post, I discussed how I can help you to buy a home.    Now we’ll discuss what we do to help sellers reach their goals. Know the Client Who is Selling a […]

Should I sell or rent my house?

Alex Escobar Realtor Sell or Rent Out House

When the time comes to move from your current house, you’ll ask yourself, “Should I sell my house or rent it out?“. Whether you’re downsizing, upgrading, or moving for any reason, it’s a big decision. Here’s an outline of what your considerations might be. If you’ve never wanted to be a landlord and hate the […]